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Based in Oak Park, MI

Mother Hive Bakery Pop Up + Apiary

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About Us: Mother Hive is a parent-focused collective removing the stay at home from "stay at home mom”. Like a beehive, each member’s skillset and passion strengthens the group and drives success. We strive to foster a strong sense of community where recent global changes have isolated one another by combining the best aspects of an artisan market, mom group, daycare, playgroup, and flexible work environment. We currently offer baked goods, honey, and bee experiences plus local delivery and porch pick up. About Our Founder, Jessica Brady: Partner, Mother, Creative. The Bradys learned they were pregnant shortly before news of the global pandemic broke in 2020. In Fall of 2020, they welcomed a beautiful baby hoping to protect her from a world of uncertainty. The mandated stay at home orders gave a whole new meaning to the "stay at home mom". Jessica found herself dissatisfied and increasingly isolated with the new norm of video calls replacing in person everything from work to mom groups to playgroups to therapy.  The cooperative was born to provide a safe, flexible space to pursue true interests, develop relationships with other parents all while still being able to care for one's own child(ren). Mother Hive,  together we thrive .
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